Tilt-Juhana: Dragon Age Origins ja Borderlands

(Kuva: Dragon Age: Origins)

Viime aikoina Tiltin saitilla on julkaistu mun arvosteluni peleistä Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising, Borderlands, Band Hero, ja Dragon Age: Origins. Ne voi tsekata myös Tiltin Web-TV:stä. Tilt-blogissani Parempia pelejä olen kirjoittanut syksyn musapeleistä, Dragon Age: Originsista ja videopelien sankareista.

(This post is a series of links to Finnish-language articles I’ve written in my day job as the producer of the videogame tv show Tilt.tv.)

Antarctic Research Blog #93 – Polar Obsession

Photo book: Paul Nicklen: Polar Obsession (National Geographic, 2009)

Polar Obsession is a collection of photos of the polar regions from National Geographic nature photographer Paul Nicklen’s career. The most impressive thing about Nicklen’s images is the feeling of action, life, even violence they evoke. His images are not mere portraits of animals. They convey animals and environments in a state of change, of a life actually being lived moment to moment.

Nicklen’s sense of motion is impeccable. In pictures of birds and leopard seals you can almost create a little moving picture of the scene in your head. This is especially impressive in his images of dangerous animals like leopard seals. It feels like his camera is always where it whould be, high up in the air or within inches of the roaring seal’s teeth.

Charlie Brooker on Modern Warfare 2

The British ex- video game reviewer, tv critic and tv writer Charlie Brooker has this to say about the much-hyped war game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2:

The previous Modern Warfare title featured a chilling level set in the immediate aftermath of a nuclear explosion during which the player could do nothing but crawl agonizingly through the flaming carnage for a few moments before expiring with a gasp. Modern Warfare 2’s big attention-grabbing setpiece is a terrorist atrocity in an airport in which the player (taking the role of an undercover agent) reluctantly takes part. It’s upsetting, chilling and horrifying.

You’re supposed to be upset and chilled and horrified, of course – so on that level it succeeds. But if you must directly evoke the Mumbai massacre, it’s probably best to do so with good reason. Since the rest of the game is effectively a dumb Tom Clancy romp (full of characters who say things like “I’ll see you in hell”), it feels jarringly misplaced, like a cartoonish Bond movie containing a 20-minute scene in which Blofeld tortures his cat to death. Ultimately it’s only there to make the game’s main villain seem more “villainy”. Not good enough.

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Tilt-Juhana: sotapelit ja fantasiakliseet

(Kuva: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2)

Viime aikoina Tiltin saitilla on julkaistu mun arvosteluni peleistä Wet, Beaterator, Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time ja GTA IV: The Ballad of Gay Tony. Ne voi tsekata myös Tiltin Web-TV:stä. Tilt-blogissani Parempia pelejä olen kirjoittanut Bioshockin antikliimaksista, sotapelien arvoista, kiinalaisten viranomaisten toilailuista ja Dragon Age: Originsin fantsukliseistä.