Polar index

Professor Laura Kay sent me a link to her website, which has an amazing index of books, movies, genre fiction, events, and other things related to polar matters. Here’s the link.


Ropecon is over for now. I saw a lot of interesting programs, didn’t manage to see a lot of stuff I’d wanted to, and held a few program items of my own. My Roolipelaaja presentation experienced almost insurmoutable technical difficulties, but my larp Lumimyrsky (Snowstorm) went well. I’ll put up Continue Reading

Juhana Pettersson in Ropecon

The roleplaying event Ropecon is on 8.-10.8.2008 in Espoo, Finland. I have a number of programs there. Friday 20:00-22:00, the panel discussion Roolipelien dokumentaatio, in Sali 26 A Finnish-language discussion about the documentation of roleplaying games, led by Jaakko Stenros and featuring Johanna Koljonen, Juhana Pettersson and Jussi Ahlroth. 23:00-01:00, Continue Reading

RPGnet review of Playground Worlds

RPGnet has a review by Ryan Paddy of this year’s Knudebook Playground Worlds. Here’s what he has to say about my article, The Age of Indulgence: Juhana Pettersson is a funny guy, given to mock-serious writings. Here he discusses the potential of larp as a vehicle for physical indulgence. He Continue Reading

Roolipelaaja 16

Here’s the cover of the new Roolipelaaja, no 16. The theme is probably not hard to guess. I just sent it off to the printers, and it should arrive to the subscribers around 28th of July, 2008.

Flour and Circus

(The images on the top row are from the larp Luminescence. The photos on the bottom row, by Silvére, are from the performance Bouffe c’que j’te donne.) I’ve put up documentation for the last pieces listed in the Works page in the right sidebar, the larp Luminescence I did with Continue Reading


My friend Mike Pohjola has published a novel called (Gummerus, 2008), now reviewed in Turun Sanomat: Kadonneet kyyneleet lomittaa kaksi tarinaa, jotka näyttävät olevan melko kaukana toisistaan mutta joissa molemmissa on suhteellisen paljon ongelmia – itse asiassa enemmän kuin pienet ihmiset tai olennot ovat valmiita murtumatta kestämään. Se kertoo palasia Continue Reading