Holy Fox

Holy Fox is a one-shot tabletop game for 4-5 players.

Holy Fox is a game about foxes who hunt fox hunters. Holkham Hall, the family seat of the Earl of Leicester, will be the site of a game in which an old British fox hunting family will become the prey. The fox is equipped with the deadly tools of his trade: A faked party invitation, a killer outfit and a smile to die for.

Every player character is a fox in the shape of a human, sometimes working together and sometimes in competition to destroy this family of fox hunters in the most interesting way possible.

The Revenge of the Fox

Hunting the hunters has long been a tradition among the foxes, or at least for a few decades. History is unreliable among habitual liars and hustlers. Fox hunting, now illegal in the U.K. but still practiced, has long been an affront to the fox. Every year, one hunter is visited by the foxes. At the end of the visit: Bankruptcy, scandal, suicide.

Who Is the Fox?

The fox is a shapeshifter, a liar, a chameleon, a lover of luxury and all the best things in life, a creature loyal to her kind and relentless to her enemies. The fox is never the star, the leader, the center of attention. The fox is in the sidelines, among the bright and the beautiful but never truly one of them. The fox is at every exclusive party, but you’re never quite sure how she got there. The fox is the girl you know you shouldn’t flirt with, but can’t resist. The fox is the guy you know to be a liar, but believe anyway.


Holy Fox is a social game, with a strong focus on character relationships and emergent play. It’s not a comedy game per se, but it can be funny. It can also be dark. It’s all about the revenge of the hunted.

The fox is not about killing, or being efficient. Rather, she’s all about style. How you do it is much more important than success. You start by getting to know the victims, becoming close with them, and then proceed from there.

The game is systemless, but the fox has some specific characteristics. She can get into any party, invited or not, and always has everything she needs to look good.

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