Tilt-Juhana: The Saboteur

(Kuva:The Saboteur)

Viime aikoina Tiltin saitilla on julkaistu mun arvosteluni pelistä The Saboteur. Sen voi tsekata Tiltin Web-TV:stä. Tilt-blogissani Parempia pelejä olen kirjoittanut vanhentuvista kikkaohjaimista ja kansainvälisten pelien anonyymiudesta.

(This post is a series of links to Finnish-language articles I’ve written in my day job as the producer of the videogame tv show Tilt.tv.)

Circus near Paris in January

This is a circus in a suburb of Paris this January. It huddled in the shadow of concrete apartment blocks, a long, treacherous walk from the obscure train station. Note the caravan in the darkness on the right. I don’t envy the circus people who live there in the cold.

Inside was one of the best circus shows I’ve seen.  It was Czech, and it was called Obludarium, produced by Théâtre des frères Forman. The electricity was generated by the audience with hand cranks, it was very dark, and there was a heartbreaking, terrifying mermaid.