Photo: Maria Pettersson

Juhana Pettersson is a Finnish novelist and a larp and roleplaying game designer. He’s currently working at Renegade Game Studios as the Lead Developer for World of Darkness releases.

His first novel Sokerisamurai was published in 2013, followed by Tuhannen viillon kuolema in 2017 and Kuparihärkä in 2018. His other books include Roolipelimanifesti, Engines of Desire and the roleplaying games Valley of Eternity, Chernobyl Mon Amour and Bad Sex: The Roleplaying Game.

His best known larps are the experimental games Luminescence (with Mike Pohjola) and Täydellinen ihminen (with Jaakko Stenros), the Palestinian-Finnish larp Halat hisar (as a producer and writer in a larger team), the Vampire: the Masquerade -based End of the Line (with Bjarke Pedersen and Martin Ericsson), Enlightenment in Blood and Parliament of Shadows (with Maria Pettersson and Bjarke Pedersen) and Redemption (with Maria Pettersson and Massi Hannula).

His work has been featured in Helsingin Sanomat, Yle, Suomen kuvalehti, Voima, Libero, Strada, MT3’s Kymmenen uutiset, Etelä-Suomen Sanomat, Länsi-Suomi, Turun Sanomat, Ilkka, Kaleva, Metro, Kulttuurivihkot, Der Spiegel, Libération, Polygon, New Yorker and the Guardian.

In 2018, he was awarded the Golden Dragon (Kultainen lohikäärme), the most prestigious award in Finland for contributions to non-digital games.

Contact: jlp@iki.fi