This is a directory of projects I’ve worked on in digital games, on television and whatever else gets displayed on screens.

RopeLIVE: Herran nukkuessa palvelija unelmoi

Actual Play Podcast, YLE, 2024

The GM was Justus Laitinen, and I was one of the players. The game is Pulp Cthulhu.

Friends & Dragons

Mobile Game, Playsome, 2020

I worked on Friends & Dragons as a writer, primarily responsible for character backgrounds.

Coteries of New York

Videogame, Draw Distance, 2019

I wrote additional quests and character material for the game.

Tilt Kids

Television, Intervisio, 2014

I was the writer and producer of the Finnish tv show Tilt Kids, a spinoff of the show Tilt, for a 10 episode season in 2014.


Television, Intervisio, 2009-2016

I was the writer and producer of the Finnish tv show Tilt, about videogames, between 2009 and 2016. In total, I wrote and produced 103 episodes of Tilt.

Pyhää maata

Short Film, 2008

(Photo: A production still by Matti Näränen)

A short fiction film about changing images of Finland. Created for the Uneton48 challenge, won an award there. I was the director together with Maria Pettersson.

De profundis

Video Installation, 2005

A video installation by Yannig Willman in which I played one of the leads.

Off Porn

Short Film, 2005

(Photo: A production still)

A documentary short film I created about making porn. Premiered at the Tampere Short Film Festival in 2006.


Short Film and Video Installation, 2004

A short film and video installation by Yannig Willman based on the last chapter of last chapter of Ernst Jünger’s book Aladdin’s Problem. I played the lead role.

Kaikkien kanssa koko ajan

Short Film, 2003

A short film musical I created about bureaucracy and love. Won an award at the Kuvasuhde festival in 2003.