Here’s a collection of articles, some by me and others related to my work, organized around various topics.

Larppi ja Palestiina

Olen ollut mukana erilaisissa Palestiinaan liittyvissä larppiprojekteissa. Osa artikkeleista on itseni kirjoittamia, osa muiden.

26.2.2018 – Aishi Zidan kirjoittaa Ylellä Palestiinan larppiskenestä: Palestiinalausalueelle on syntynyt liveroolipelaajien joukko, jolla on tiivit yhteydet Pohjoismaihin: “Suomalaiset pelaajat ovat hauskoja”

3.9.2012 – kirjoitin Hesariin Palestiinan ensimmäisestä kansainvälisestä larpista: Kunnes kuolema meidät erottaa


There has been a collection of articles published as a book at the annual Nordic roleplaying conference Solmukohta/Knudepunkt/Knutpunkt/Knutepunkt for some years now. All of the books published so far are available for download for free. Here are the ones I’ve written in:

2003 Denmark. As Larp Grows Up, edited by Morten Gade, Line Thorup & Mikkel Sander, with the article Fuck the Audience. Download articles here

My article is available in Slovakian, translated by Tomá Kozlík, here

2004 Finland. Beyond Role and Play – Tools, Toys and Theory for Harnessing the Imagination, edited by Markus Montola & Jaakko Stenros, with the article Battle Against Primitivism. Download the book here

My article is available in Slovakian, translated by Tomá Kozlík, here

2006 Sweden. Role, Play, Art, edited by Thorbiörn Fritzon & Tobias Wrigstad, with the article The Art of Experience. Download the book here

2007 Denmark. Lifelike, edited by Jesper Donnis, Morten Gade & Line Thorup, with the article Castle Caldwell REDUX!. Download individual articles here

2008 Finland. Playground Worlds, edited by Jaakko Stenros & Markus Montola, with the article The Age of Indulgence. Download the book here

2009 Norway. Larp, the Universe and Everything, edited by Matthijs Holter, Eirik Fatland and Even Tomte, with the article Pix or didn’t happen. Download the book here

2011 Denmark. Do Larp, edited by Lars Andresen, Charles Bo Nielsen, Luisa Carbonelli, Jesper Heeboll-Christensen & Marie Oscilowski, with the article Muovikuppi (The Plastic Cup). Download the book here

2011 Denmark. Talk Larp, edited by Claus Raasted, with the articles The Necessary Zombie and Take Responsibility. Download the book here

2013 Norway. Crossing Borders, edited by Karete Jacobsen Meland & Katrine Øverlie Svela, with the article The Horse as a Revelation. Download the book here

2014 Sweden. The Cutting Edge of Nordic Larp, edited by Jon Back, with the article Larp for Change. Download the book here

Other books

Nordic Larp, a collection of articles about major Nordic Larp games, published in 2010. Edited by Markus Montola & Jaakko Stenros. My article is about the larp Luminescence. Download the book for free here

Larp Graffiti, an anthology of classic and new articles about roleplaying published in conjunction with the Italian conference Larp Symposium 2010. Edited by Andrea Castellani, 2010. My article Role-Playing and the Mainstream is here

My article is available in Czech in two parts, translated by Michal “Manik” Havelka, here and here.

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