Enlightenment in Blood

In-game photo from Enlightenment in Blood / Tuomas Hakkarainen.

A larp based on Vampire: the Masquerade produced by Participation Design Agency with White Wolf Entertainment. It was organized as part of the World of Darkness: Berlin fan event.

Date: 12. 5. 2017

Participants: 200

Location: Friedrichshain, Berlin, Germany

Venues: A dozen venues, including two nightclubs and a church.

Duration: One night


Enlightenment in Blood is a massive urban larp about the first night of the revolution in Berlin’s vampire society. The young have had enough pf the repression they live under and explode into action, taking the city into their own hands.

Because of the scale of the larp, it was an attempt at creating a simulation of an entire vampire city in turmoil.


Lead designer and writer: Juhana Pettersson

Designer: Bjarke Pedersen

Writers: Sarah Lynne Bowman, Mika Loponen, and Jesper Kristiansen with David Pusch & Daniel Thikötter

Producers: Bjarke Pedersen & Johanna Koljonen

Producer (locations): Zora Hädrich

Werewolf ritual design: René Kragh Pedersen

Character creation design: Bjarke Pedersen, Juhana Pettersson & Matthew Webb

Character creation tool (Larpweaver): Matthew Webb, Samuel Phelps & Riley Seaman / Incognita Limited

Social Media tool (Undernet): Kin software developed by Thomas Mertz, Per Sikker Hansen, Alena Košinárová, Richard Wetzel, and Daniel Sundström

Workshop design: Johanna Koljonen & Bjarke Pedersen

Runtime lead: Johanna Koljonen

Runtime organizing and NPC coordination: David Pusch

Runtime organizing and location coordination: Daniel Thikötter

Runtime organizing: Monica Traxl & Bjarke Pedersen

Creative consulting: René Kragh Pedersen, Maiju Ruusunen & Sarah Lynne Bowman

Documentation lead: Brody Condon

Documentation: Keren Chernizon & Tuomas Hakkarainen

White Wolf: Karim Muammar & Martin Ericsson

Production: White Wolf Publishing and Participation Design Agency


30.1.2018 – nordiclarp.org / the book Shuffling the Deck: Juhana Pettersson: The Death of Hamlet – Deconstructing the Character in Enlightenment in Blood


29.5.2017 – nordiclarp.org / Sarah Lynne Bowman: Enlightenment in Blood: A Pervasive World of Darkness Nordic Larp