An in-game image from run 2 of Redemption. Photo: Kai Simon Fredriksen

A larp about salvation through sin among the Followers of Christ’s Faith, a small sect in the final days of Czarist rule in Russia.

Date: Run 1 was played on 16.-18.11.2021 and run 2 on 19.-21.11.2021

Participants: 40

Location: Orivesi, Finland

Duration: Three days


To be redeemed, you must first sin. If your conscience is clean, what is there to forgive?

Redemption is a larp set in the last years of the Romanovs in Russia. Nobility, revolutionaries, artists and socialites wastrels come together in a yearly celebration of their faith among a religious sect that believes that redemption is the highest value of all.

And to be redeemed, you have to sin. Even if you’re the purest of souls, you know that your fate in the afterlife will not be pleasant unless you wallow neck-deep in moral filth.


Concept and characters: Maria Pettersson

Creative lead: Juhana Pettersson

Producer: Massi Hannula

Audio design: Anni Tolvanen

Scenography: Nino Hynninen

Kitchen: Emma Uronen, Emi Maeda and Annika Ihatsu

Documentation: Kai Simon Fredriksen

Produced by Pohjoismaisen roolipelaamisen seura


Kai Simon Fredriksen’s photoset from run 1.

Kai Simon Fredriksen’s photoset from run 2.



30.3.2021 – Loki: Synti ja pelastus

2.12.2021 – Moreenimedia: Larppaaminen vie matkalle toisenlaiseen maailmaan ja tuo yhteisöllisiä kokemuksia – “Larpissa voit olla hetken aikaa toinen ihminen”