A second line parade held as part of the larp. Photo: Kai Simon Fredriksen

An urban larp about vampires who gather in New Orleans to celebrate the festival of transformation, Saturnalia.

Based on Vampire: The Masquerade.

Date: 12th of November, 2022

Participants: 200

Location: New Orleans, U.S.A.

Duration: One day


Among the Kindred, the tradition of Saturnalia goes back centuries, even milleniae. Vampires gather together form near and far in a festival where kings become beggars and beggars kings, even if only for one night. As traditional hierarchies are reversed, individual Kindred have an opportunity to try out new identities and roles. They may even find themselves transformed by the experience.

Saturnalia was a multiple location urban larp played in the French Quarter of New Orleans. It had a total of 28 individual locations and featured a full second line parade, complete with a brass band. The goal was to make the vampire festival of Saturnalia come alive in the streets of the city as comprehensively as possible.


Lead designers: Juhana Pettersson and Garett Kopczynski

Designers: Ken Pickering, Chris Eaton, Tyler Brown

Lead producer: Garett Kopczynski

Producers: Ken Pickering, Chris Eaton, Taylor Hansen

Producers (New Orleans): Aaron ‘Duckie’ Lirette, Aira Vehaskari, Sable Switch

Workshop design and calibration mechanics: Lizzie Stark

Programming (character creation tool): Matthew ‘Deeg’ DeGennaro

Documentation: Garett Kopczynski, Juhana Pettersson, Chris Angell, Elyse Haws

Character writers: Juhana Pettersson, Garett Kopczynski, Ken Pickering, Chris Eaton, Sereia McDaniel, and Rachel Wilkinson.

Sensitivity consultant: Sereia McDaniel

Photography: Kai Simon Fredriksen, Jesse Robert Giffords-Stuart, Bella Huygens

Production assistant: Taylor Hansen

The “really, really” mechanic was originally created by Bjarke Pedersen.

Saturnalia was created by Reverie Studios together with By Night Studios and Paradox Entertainment.


Kai Simon Fredriksen’s photoset from the larp.

Kai Simon Fredriksen’s photoset from the Hunted experience, ancillary to the larp.

Kai Simon Fredriksen’s photoset from the workshops.

Kai Simon Fredriksen’s photoset from the meet and greet and burlesque organized for participants before the larp.

Jesse Stuart’s photoset from the larp.



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