An Adventure Per Year: Lethal Wings (2014)

In my A Game Per Year project, my goal has been to read one roleplaying game corebook for every year they’ve been published. However, I soon started to feel that it was hard to decipher how the games were really meant to be played. For this reason, I decided to start a parallel project, An Adventure Per Year, to read one roleplaying adventure for each year they’ve been published.

The cover of Lethal Wings

What’s the difference between a scenario and a game? When we talk about roleplaying, these are two distinct categories of publications. A roleplaying game contains elements like a system, a setting, character creation, etc. to generate a game experience. A scenario is typically a pre-built blueprint for a single game session or a few sessions.

Lethal Wings contains a combat system in addition to the scene structure typical of Fastaval scenarios so perhaps it could be seen as a small roleplaying game!

Lethal Wings is a comedy scenario based on the story of storks who deliver babies to expectant parents. The question is, who delivers the babies to the animals who are enemies of the storks? The answer is an Eighties action movie style special unit consisting of characters with names like Storkvester Stallone and Stork Norris. Veteran agent Arnold Storkenegger has been lost on a mission so the characters have to go rescue him.

Puns and lighthearted, overblown action is the order of the day. The combat system features a target area resembling a dart board. The players throw the dice on the target area. The area where the die falls combined with it’s random result determines what happens so there’s a combination of skill and luck.

This is a silly scenario with a fun system idea in the form of the die mechanic.

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