Research Blog Antarctica #103: The Book of Ice

Art book: Paul D. Miller: The Book of Ice (Mark Batty Publisher, 2011)

Paul D. Miller, also known as DJ Spooky, created a multimedia performance piece called Terra Nova: Sinfonia Antarctica in 2009. This book is a part of that project. It’s kind of a documentation book or an artbook, a scrapbook of graphics and images.

The meat of the book is a selection of propaganda posters and stickers for Miller’s proposed revolutionary People’s Republic of Antarctica (the concept itself lifted from John Calvin Batchelor’s novel of the same name). The posters are fun, but treated in isolation, the book is a slight collection of Antarctic geekery. There’s a couple of graphs about climate change, some notes and interviews from the artist, and a bunch of old photos, but the main thesis is probably best explored in the actual Terra Nova artwork.

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