Roleplaying Game Movie Night #9: Eskapistit

I and some friends have a project of trying to watch all movies, tv episodes and other stuff with moving pictures related to roleplaying games ever made. We’re pretty far along on this goal. I’ll write here about old and new things we’ve found and watched.

(The Eskapistit trailer.)

Eskapistit (eng. Escapists) is a Finnish short film written and directed by Niklas Lindgren, made in 2013. It’s about a guy who has to make a choice between going on a date with a girl he wants to impress and a larp, and later about concealing being a larper from the girl.

It’s a fun little movie, and I appreciate the message of larp empowerment it ended with. Yet at the same time, I have to say I’m done with geek, roleplayer and larper self-hate as a subject matter.

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