Clone bear


Saw the performance The Lobstershop (by the Dutch Jan Lauwers and Needcompany) with my wife in the Tapiola cultural center.

The thing that predisposed us into liking the play even before it started was the fact that one actor was credited as playing “the first clone bear”.

The clone bear had a clone bear song.


Solitary Daniel

I went to see the new Paul Thomas Anderson movie There Will Be Blood last night with my wife. There are some beautiful speeches from Daniel Day-Lewis’s character, Daniel Plainview, especially his twice-repeated pitch to communities he wishes to drill in.

Plainview’s pitch begins like this:

 Ladies and gentlemen…

I’ve traveled over half our state to be here tonight. I couldn’t get away sooner because my new well was coming in at Coyote Hills and I had to see about it. That well is now flowing at two thousand barrels and it’s paying me an income of five thousand dollars a week. I have two others drilling and I have sixteen producing at Antelope.

So, ladies and gentlemen… if I say I’m an oil man you will agree.

Anderson’s earlier movie Magnolia had a similar scene with Tom Cruise as a man who teaches guys to be pick-up artists. Although Cruise’s performance was impressive, I like Day-Lewis’s story of what is it to be an oilman more.

There’s a scene later in the movie that encapsulates the difference. Plainview is woken by an old man. He had camped in the wilderness, and the old man is pointing at him with his rifle. You can see in Plainview’s face the momentary confusion and the grogginess of sleep, but its soon replaced by his impossibly confident, convicing voice. He doesn’t lose the voice even when it becomes apparent that the old man knows he’s bullshitting.

He hustles, but he is not a hustler.

New Voices in Art

Here’s Tor Kjetil Edland’s post from Nordic Scene in its entirety:


The larp “New Voices in Art” has been admitted to Nisjelandet , the art section of the music festival By:Larm taking place in Oslo 21 – 23 February. New Voices in Art will be played at DogA, the Norwegian Design and Architecture Centre from 18 – 20 on Thursday the 21st
and Friday the 22nd.

Chamber Games

New Voices in Art is a short larp about a group of aspiring artist the night before the opening of the exhibition ‘New Voices in Art’. The participants play a version of themselves as aspiring artists. The main themes of this game are ambition, ambivalence and aloneness. The world of modern art is used as a setting to symbolize our yearning for success and fulfillment as creative individuals. Each participant is randomly given a piece of art for the duration of the game that is their work contribution to this exhibition. New Voices in Art has previously been played in Oslo and at Knudepunkt in Denmark in 2007.

One aim of Nisjelandet is to show a selection of distinct forms of cultural expressions being shared with others through the internet. New Voices in Art as well as some other games are freely available at Chambergames.

The game features one of my art pieces, although I don’t know which one.

Research Blog Antarctica #59: The Ice


Fiction: Louis Charbonneau: the Ice (Thorndike Press, 1991)

The funny thing about this book was that it was a large print edition, with a huge font size and lots of pages to compensate. In all honesty, this was the reason I chose this book to read out of my large stack of unread Antarctica books.

It’s an eco-thriller about a biologist, an adventurer and a journalist stumbling onto a sinister plot to exploit the natural resources of Antarctica. The plot and the characters are two dimensional and not particularly interesting, bu the sheer sense of place is impressive. Charbonneau manages the snowstorms and the icebergs well, but really stands out in his descriptions of the human operations on the continent. All the stuff about the American operations, Soviet scientists and Antarctic Treaty politics is very plausible, and you get the feel that either he has been there himself, or his research is very good.

Traconista selvitty


(Kuva: Mikko Asunta. Asunnan Tracon-kuvia on enemmänkin näytillä seuraavassa Roolipelaajassa.)

Olin eilen ensimmäistä kertaa tamperelaisessa anime- ja roolipelitapahtuma Traconissa käymässä, ja hauskaa oli siitä huolimatta, että Roolipelaaja-aiheista nakkia oli niin paljon, ettei aikaa jäänyt muuhun paljoakaan.

Kuvittelin tullessani, että Tracon olisi paljon pienempi tapahtuma kuin se lopulta olikaan, ja yllätys oli melkoinen kun pääsin paikalle. Anime- ja roolipelimeiningit tuntuivat sopivan hyvin yhteen, ja erityisesti animeasujen silkan kirjon takia oli hauskaa käveleskellä ympäriinsä katsomassa, mitä kaikkea jengi on keksinyt. Animevetimien takia Tampereen juna-asemalla oli erikoinen ilmapiiri lähtiessämme takaisin kohti Helsinkiä..

Ensimmäinen oma ohjelmani oli Roolipelaajan tekemistä käsittelevä presentaatio. Se meni hyvin, ja oli hauska tavata niitä lehden avustajia ja foorumiaktiiveja, joiden kanssa olen ollut aikaisemmin tekemisissä vain verkossa.

Toinen ohjelma oli paneeli roolipelien tulevaisuudesta, jossa istuin yhdessä Ville Vuorelan, Mike Pohjolan ja Eero Tuovisen kanssa. Siitä jäi hyvä mieli, erityisesti mahtavan yleisön takia. Olen harvoin ollut mukana ohjelmanumerossa, jossa olisi ollut yhtä hyvä henki.

Junamatkalla takaisin Helsinkiin Ville demotti meille lyhyesti Stalkeria. Se oli hauskaa.

Traconissa nähdään

Olen puhumassa tamperelaisessa roolipelitapahtuma Traconissa huomenna, lauantaina 16.2.2008. Ohjelmanumeroni käsittelee Roolipelaaja-lehden tekemistä ja on kolmesta neljään. Lisäksi olen roolipelien tulevaisuutta käsittelevässä paneelissa neljästä kuuteen yhdessä Eero Tuovisen, Ville Vuorelan ja Mike Pohjolan kanssa.

Muita hyviä ohjelmanumeroja ovat Ville Vuorelan puoliltapäivin alkava Stalker-esitys, ja Miken kolmelta pitämä Tähti-presentaatio.

Isä ja poika larppaamassa


TV1 Sunnuntai klo 9.05 10.2.2008

Isä, poika ja roolipeli. Heikki ja Erik Kasurinen harrastavat yhdessä larppausta eli liveroolipelaamista. Millainen vaikutus sillä on isän ja pojan suhteeseen? Teksti-TV 333.

“Mites avovaimo suhtautuu siihen, että mies ravaa metsissä?”

“No avovaimo ravaa myös.”

Tätä katsoessa sitä ajattelee, että roolipelaamisen ja larppaamisen käsittely mediassa on kehittynyt melkoisen paljon viimeisen kymmenen vuoden aikana.


Research Blog Antarctica #58

 Frozen world

Photo book: Patrick Hook: The Frozen World – a Panoramic Vision (Compendium Publishing, 2006)

My wife got me this collection of panorama photos from the Arctic, the Antarctic and the Alpine regions of the world as a gift in Frankfurt. The book is physically huge, too large to fit into almost any bookshelf. Big photos are impressive, although the selection is slightly pedestrian. The most impressive of the photos is a shot of Siberia from a space station depicting the trans-Siberian railroad as a black stain on the white ice.

Research Blog Antarctica #57 – Poles Apart

Poles Apart

Photo book: Galen Rowell: Poles Apart (Mountain Light Press, 1995)

This is an insightful, comprehensive photo book. You get the impression that Rowell has been everywhere both above the Arctic circle and below the Antarctic circle. The book is organized around a series of visual comparisons between the northern and the southern polar areas, and it works wonderfully well. The images are striking and beautiful, but its the connections and juxtapositions created by the visual comparisons that truly make the book shine.

Research Blog Antarctica #56

Surf’s Up

Movie: Ash Brannon & Chris Buck: Surf’s Up (U.S.A. 2007)

A late entry in the recent spate in penguin movies. This is a bizarre film. It has the plot, the characters, the jokes, the voices, of a surf movie, except with penguins. The hero, Cody, is a young penguin from nowhere who wants to be a great surfer, and the movie is ostensibly a documentary about his rise to the top with the help of a supposedly deceased surfer legend Big Z. Antarctica, in this movie, is shorthand for small-town backwardness where nothing happens.

It has none of the detail, the pathos, the social conscience of Happy Feet, but it does have its own weird charm. The surf movie parody is funny and the jokes are often demented.