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Check out some of the new stuff in the right sidebar. I’m putting up documentation from old works (you can see them in the Works page). So far, I’ve done the larps I Regret Nothing and Elementary School and the installation Beauté désincarnée. Still waiting are my circus performance Bouffe c’que j’te donne and the larp Luminescence I did with Mike Pohjola.

(Photos: upper left, lower right Elementary School, photos by Olli Rinne; upper center, lower left Beauté désincarnée; upper right, lower center I Regret Nothing, logo by Eirik Fatland.)

Antarctic Research Blog #68 – Ice Bound, the Movie

Ice Bound

Movie: Roger Spottiswoode: Ice Bound (U.S.A. Canada, 2003)

Based on the story (and book) of Dr Jerri Nielsen who was wintering at the U.S. South Pole station when she found out she had breast cancer. The script of this schmaltzy movie seems to consist entirely of characters spouting homilies and life wisdom to each other when its not engaged with exposition and a terrible, cliché-ridden voiceover.

The set design is very nice, though. All of the polar stuff looks good, so if you can look beyond the actors and whatever it is they’re doing in the movie, its not bad.

Big in Slovakia!

My article Battle Against Primitivism from the 2004 Knudebook Beyond Role and Play, edited by Jaakko Stenros & Markus Montola, has been translated into Slovakian by Tomá Kozlík, and published here.

Antarctic Research Blog #67 – Navigation Guide

Navigation Guide

Guidebook: Arturo De la Barrera Werner: Antarctica – Navigation Guide (unknown publisher & year)

This is a bilingual (English and Spanish) navigational guidebook my mother brought to me from Chile. It’s full of navigational data, so I don’t really understand much of it, but it feels very professional! It looks like the material and printing has been chosen mainly to withstand the extreme conditions of the Antarctic sea.