Mitä jos kaikki vain hymistelisimme?

Kun olin lapsi, perheeni boikotoi israelilaisia appelsiineja. Oikeastaan kaikkia israelilaisia tuotteita, mutta appelsiiniboikotti vaikutti suoraan elämääni. Tunsin syyllisyyttä, jos joskus tulin syöneeksi israelilaisen appelsiinin. Vanhempani eivät juuri puhuneet politiikkaa kotona, enkä koskaan tullut kysyneeksi boikotin syytä. Israel oli maa jossa harrastettiin jotain sikailua. Sen takia boikotteja pidetään. Aikuisiällä minulle on Continue Reading

Wedding Photo

We got the photos of our summer wedding today. Its been lovely looking through them. I see so many moments captured that I didn’t see at the wedding, because I was in the spotlight. All the pictures are by Katri Lassila, who did a wonderful job.

Midnight Sun

  I was at the Midnight Sun Film Festival with my wife and some friends, in Lapland. The photo was taken around two at night, after we came out of the screening of the Guy Maddin movie Brand Upon the Brain!. The drive back to Helsinki took fourteen hours. We Continue Reading


This morning, I was talking about larp in an academic seminar called Research Methodologies: Embodiment – and the study of cultural and artistic practices, organized at the Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies. The title of my presentation was Embodied Larp – Questions of embodied participation in the games ‘Luminescence’ and Continue Reading

Fan picture

Taken at Tracon, after the way we’re seated in a Piippuhyllyn manifesti comic. From left to right: Mike Pohjola, Miska Fredman, me, Ville Vuorela and Eero Tuovinen. Check out Piippuhyllyn manifesti if you wish to see us in crudely drawn comics about rpgs.

Marital Bliss

I’m now a married man. The ceremony took place in Las Vegas, NE, on the 7th of July. It was witnessed by two Elvises and a pink Cadillac. The bride and now my wife is Maria Pitkänen. America:

Hard Evidence

I got a stack of old photographs as a birthday present from my grandmother a while ago. I’ve only ever seen a very few pictures of when I was a child, so I was happy to see these. My mother has told me that I used to play the violin Continue Reading