Pyongyang Poster Art

At the Pyongyang Film Studios in North Korea they have permanent movie sets for a South Korean town of the Korean War era, a Japanese town, etc. The buildings feature posters representing the North Korean artists’ idea of what advertisements, shop signs and movie posters look like in the South. Continue Reading

Midnight Sun

  I was at the Midnight Sun Film Festival with my wife and some friends, in Lapland. The photo was taken around two at night, after we came out of the screening of the Guy Maddin movie Brand Upon the Brain!. The drive back to Helsinki took fourteen hours. We Continue Reading

Marital Bliss

I’m now a married man. The ceremony took place in Las Vegas, NE, on the 7th of July. It was witnessed by two Elvises and a pink Cadillac. The bride and now my wife is Maria Pitkänen. America: