Antarctic Research Blog #87 – The Lost World of Lake Vostok

Documentary: Jonathan Renouf: The Lost World of Lake Vostok (U.K. 2000)

A documentary made for the British Horizon series of programs that began in 1964.

Lake Vostok is a vast body of water underneath central Antarctica. It derives its name from the Russian Vostok base built on the ice on top of it, often considered the most inaccesible place on Earth.

The interesting thing about Lake Vostok is that it has been sealed off from Earth atmosphere for up to 30 million years. This means that whatever life exists down there has had a chance to evolve in completely unique directions without any outside interference.

The best parts in this documentary are the footage from the old Soviet expeditions and the NASA scientist who talks about Antarctica, Vostok and NASA’s work involving the Jupiter moon Europa.

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