Antarctic Research Blog #86 – Megastructures: South Pole Super Station

Documentary: Megastructures: South Pole Super Station (U.S.A. 2007)

This is an episode of the National Geographic Channel documentary series Megastructures, about huge construction projects. This time, the project is the new South Pole station that’ll replace the old geodesic dome.

Some of the old explorers would probably have a heart attack if they saw this. There’s an industrial kitchen, plenty of space, and the whole thing is built on stilts that can jack up eight meters above the original four to escape the rising snow. From the inside, the place looks like any industrial building.

Compared to the old stories of dog sleds and four man tents, the vastness of the project is breathtaking, from the satellite dishes to the airlift operation that brings to mind West Berlin during the cold war.

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