Knudebooks for 2011 are online

Knudepunkt 2011 is still a few weeks away, but the unprecedented three books published this years are already online.

Do Larp, edited by Lars Andresen, Charles Bo Nielsen, Luisa Carbonelli, Jesper Heeboll-Christensen & Marie Oscilowski, features “scripts” from larps made in recent years. I have one article in this book, detailing the production of my game Muovikuppi.

Talk Larp, edited by Claus Raasted, features rants and provocations about larp in the Nordic scene. I have two articles in this book, one about designing popular art games and the other a critique of the games Fat Man Down and Gang Rape.

Think Larp, edited by Thomas Duus Henriksen, Christian Bierlich, Kasper Friis Hansen and Valdemar Kolle features academic articles about larp and roleplaying.

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