More About Playground Worlds

Here’s the official press release about Playground Worlds, an anthology of articles about roleplaying I contributed to: PLAYGROUND WORLDS PUBLISHED! How does a boarding school that uses role-playing games as a primary teaching method function? Can the basics of Forge theory be condensed into one article? What do Happenings and Continue Reading

Playground Worlds

I’m back from Solmukohta! I’m going to post some other stuff from there as well, but first the annual Solmukohta book: I have an article in the book called The Age of Indulgence. Here’s the abstract: Role-playing games are a way to do things you want to do, but wouldn’t Continue Reading

Plastic Cup update

The pre-game meet for the Plastic Cup larp will be at the main railway station in Helsinki, inside, under the big timetables, at 13:30. (The game will be on Thursday the 3rd of April.) We’ll go together to the game location. The local train we’ll use leaves a few minutes Continue Reading

Salainen Muovikuppi-update

Muovikuppi-larpista on myös salainen VIP-pelautus samana päivänä kuin tuo julkinenkin. Kello 14:00 avoin pelautus on englanniksi, kello 18:00 samana päivänä oleva bonuspelautus on suomeksi. Siinä saattaa olla vähän tilaakin, joten kaikki suomenkielentaitoiset, jos haluatte mukaan, mailatkaa mulle jlp at iki dot fi tänään tai huomenna niin katson, jos saan nimen Continue Reading

Muovikuppi (The Plastic Cup)

A larp by Juhana Pettersson. Don’t you just want to break things, sometimes? Set in the familiar world of modern international life, Plastic Cup features the violent rupturing of family and friendship in a fight for nostalgia and the warm glow of childhood. It’s a catharctic game where frustrations explode Continue Reading

Gary Gygax 1938-2008

I was traveling when I heard the news that Gary Gygax, the creator (along with Dave Arneson) of roleplaying, is dead. I found myself surprisingly affected. The original Finnish translation of the red box D&D was the game that got me into roleplaying, and I used to joke with a Continue Reading

Fan picture

Taken at Tracon, after the way we’re seated in a Piippuhyllyn manifesti comic. From left to right: Mike Pohjola, Miska Fredman, me, Ville Vuorela and Eero Tuovinen. Check out Piippuhyllyn manifesti if you wish to see us in crudely drawn comics about rpgs.