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Antarctic Research Blog #84 – With Byrd at the South Pole

Tuesday, December 30th, 2008

Documentary: With Byrd at the South Pole (U.S.A. 1930)

This is a documentary shot during Richard Byrd’s First Antarctic Expedition, 1928-1930. Of the early Antarctic documentaries, this has the best images in the sense that the cameramen were able to shoot more than before, although they were not as artistically accomplished as Frank Hurley or Herbert Ponting.

This movie shows Byrd’s airplane the Floud Bennett flying, shot from another, smaller plane, footage of the flight over the South pole from inside the plane, and surreal images of an airplane hull being hauled across the ice by dog teams. Great stuff.

Murmeli pitää lupauksensa (The Marmot keeps his promise)

Sunday, December 28th, 2008

Murmeli pitää lupauksensa (The Marmot keeps his promise)

02:00, photo composite, 2008

I made this short as a Christmas present for my wife.

Lautapeleistä Hesariin

Saturday, December 27th, 2008

Kirjoitin lautapeleistä Helsingin Sanomiin artikkelikokonaisuuden, joka julkaistiin 19.12.2008.

Pääjuttu käsitteli pelisuunnittelija Kimmo Sorsamoa ja hänen julkaisematonta peliään Maximus.

Vieressä oli boksi suomalaisen pelijulkaisun klassikoista.

Lisäksi mukana oli arvostelut kolmesta kotimaisesta pelistä, Zanziarista, Bilekuosista ja The Clubista.

Antarctic Research Blog #83 – The Birth of the People’s Republic of Antarctica

Monday, December 22nd, 2008

John Calvin Batchelor: the Birth of the People’s Republic of Antarctica (The Dial Press, 1983)

This is one of the strangest Antarctic novels I’ve yet to read. It’s about the son of an American draft dodger and a Swedish witch, called Grim Fiddle. It begins in Sweden, soon the stage for medieval-religious race riots which force our protagonists to flee by the ship captained by the superconservative priest and Grim’s grandfather Mord Fiddle. They join a general exodus of dispossessed people on the high seas and eventually end up on refugee camps conveniently placed on Antarctic islands. Grim leads a bloody insurrection against the relief organization the Ice Cross and founds the Kingdom of Antarctica. The People’s Republic is born when he’s eventually deposed.

It’s a thick slab of a book, and the story meanders everywhere, with dozens of supporting characters with fanciful names like Cleopatra Furore and Wild Drumrul.

It’s pretty obvious that the author has never visited any of the places featured in the book, and the way it’s written, it’s beside the point to complain of total inaccuracy. Still, when those places are Sweden and Antarctica, it’s distracting for me.

I’m not absolutely sure what this novel is about. It reads like a cross between Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Kurt Vonnegut, and I suspect it’s one of those books that utterly failed to predict where the future is going.

I, a Muse

Friday, December 19th, 2008

I recently wrote an article for City with Maria Pettersson about pheromones you can buy in sex shops. I just found out that a website called has recorded a song about our article.

This is the first time anything I’ve written or made has been inspiration for song.


Monday, December 15th, 2008

Tein Kumppani-lehteen haastattelujutun kurdiohjaaja Bahman Ghobadista. Ylläoleva kuva on jutusta, ja ihan itse ottamani! Itse juttu on myös verkossa.


Monday, December 15th, 2008

Tän päivän Hesarissa on peräti kolme mun tekemää videopeliarvostelua. Mukana on isompi juttu Fallout 3:sta (josta ylläoleva kuva on peräisin) ja joukko miniarvosteluja, joista Fable II ja LittleBigPlanet on mun aikaansaannosta ja Mirror’s Edge ja Dead Space Jussi Ahlrothin käsialaa.

Abandoned Antarctica

Monday, December 15th, 2008

The web publication Dark Roasted Blend has an article about photos of abandoned places in Antarctica.

These are from Deception Island:

These are from the island of South Georgia, long a base for whaling operations:

via Ectoplasmosis!