Uneton 48

I’m in a team participating in a short film competition called Uneton 48. The idea is to make a film in 48 hours about a subject you only get to know at the beginning. In our case, Mike Pohjola wrote the script on Friday night, and we shot yesterday with Continue Reading

Human War Movies

I wrote an article for the magazine Kumppani about the Iraq War movies shown at the Love & Anarchy Film Festival in Helsinki, starting next week. They put it on the net, it’s available here (in Finnish).

Antarctic Research Blog #70: Virus

Film: Kinji Fukasaku: Virus (Japan, 1980) Virus is an Eighties catastrophe movie about a virus that kills everyone on Earth except for the people living on Antarctic bases. Its definitely a Cold War movie, with the Americans and Russians sharing the blame for the apocalypse that follows. As sometimes happens Continue Reading

Midnight Sun

  I was at the Midnight Sun Film Festival with my wife and some friends, in Lapland. The photo was taken around two at night, after we came out of the screening of the Guy Maddin movie Brand Upon the Brain!. The drive back to Helsinki took fourteen hours. We Continue Reading

Research Blog Antarctica #61

Movie: Peter Delpeut: Forbidden Quest (The Netherlands, 1993) A Dutch fake-documentary Antarctic movie! This is a great Antarctic film, done with very little means. Its a documentary about the fictitious Hollander expedition, put together using the actual vintage Antarctic and Arctic footage shot by Herbert Ponting, Frank Hurley and others. Continue Reading

Research Blog Antarctica #56

Movie: Ash Brannon & Chris Buck: Surf’s Up (U.S.A. 2007) A late entry in the recent spate in penguin movies. This is a bizarre film. It has the plot, the characters, the jokes, the voices, of a surf movie, except with penguins. The hero, Cody, is a young penguin from Continue Reading