Plastic Cup Documentation

I’ve put up the documentation from my larp the Plastic Cup, played twice earlier this year. You can see the links to the material on the right sidebar. There’s an overview of the game, photos and written material distributed to the players, as well as PDF files both in English Continue Reading


This morning, I was talking about larp in an academic seminar called Research Methodologies: Embodiment – and the study of cultural and artistic practices, organized at the Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies. The title of my presentation was Embodied Larp – Questions of embodied participation in the games ‘Luminescence’ and Continue Reading

Research Blog Antarctica #61

Movie: Peter Delpeut: Forbidden Quest (The Netherlands, 1993) A Dutch fake-documentary Antarctic movie! This is a great Antarctic film, done with very little means. Its a documentary about the fictitious Hollander expedition, put together using the actual vintage Antarctic and Arctic footage shot by Herbert Ponting, Frank Hurley and others. Continue Reading